My Prediction For 2017 Time Man Of The Year

I have given the subject of Time magazine’s Man of the Year a fair amount of consideration over the past several months.

The winner of the final magazine’s cover of 2016 was clearly never in doubt with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. But as I think about the big thematic issues that developed this year, and which shaped almost every headline in the morning newspapers, my mind keeps going back to that 2016 Time cover.

The driving force for what happened in 2016’s election night shocker is now playing out with policy fights, media bashing, court challenges, marches, and very deep clashes within our culture.

Therefore I do not see a personality or an event that drives Time’s final cover this year. Instead it is the deep resentments and frustrations not only in our politics but among, and between the citizenry that will be the cover subject this year.

For a lack of a better summation I predict The Great American Divide will be the idea that makes for Time’s Idea Of The Year.

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