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NO WAY To Make This Photo Up–Shows Total Disdain For Native Americans By President Trump

November 27, 2017

There is nothing short of me being speechless after seeing this photo.  I had heard about it on the news and still could not think it real.  So I did a fast online search and there it was.  Those who know their history will grasp the shame of what this picture tells about President Trump and his lack of education.  Or does it also speak volumes about the cad he is as a person.   Screw around on your numerous wives, make jokes about disabled people–so why should we not think he could stoop to this level, too?

And then the most unprofessional White House spokesperson ever to have stood behind the podium tries to spin that Trump is not a racist!  Pigs are soon to fly–oink oink.

For Pete’s Sake people spend more time making sure their Christmas card photo is presented more appropriately than this! What complete ass-hats are hired in this backwards White House?

Shocking.  Shameful.

And yes, my family tree does go back to the family of Cherokee Chief John Ross from the Trail of Tears.


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