Do Not Let Bob Schieffer Be Next Man To Fall

My headline for this post is totally in jest, as I much respect and admire long-time CBS news reporter Bob Schieffer.  After waking up this morning I first heard that NBC Today host Matt Lauer was fired for sexual actions against a woman.  A few hours later I came back inside the house and looked at my updated news feed and learned that Garrison Keillor was fired by NPR for something also related to sexual improprieties.

So as I read about Keillor the first words from my mouth were “Seems like Bob Schieffer might be the last man standing.”

While there is no way that Schieffer would be in the same column with those who have made headlines and ousted from their jobs the point is that what is now happening seems too afar afield from reality.

I get it that there are leches and people who should be barred from normal society.  My mom told a story of an old geezer in Ozone, Arkansas who now almost 70 years ago rubbed up against her as she was in the store as a girl.  I knew there were guys like that who still worked in the statehouse when I was employed there and though times have changed too many men are still not aware of boundaries.

But having said that I also think it more than odd that a whole raft of very A-type names in media are being brought down.  President Bush 41 has been reported to have had his hands on the backsides of women, and a high profile Nashville agent has been sidelined for sexual antics.

If someone punches me and causes injury I am going to call the cops at once.  I would not hold a grudge for 10 years and then one day lodge a protest.  Yes, I understand that women feel concern about being labeled by their accusers and can feel the backlash from calling out men in power.  But how did all these women not come forward at the time the situation occurred?

So it does seem surreal to have the floodgates open all at once and have–as with the case today–two most powerful and star-studded names fired from events that seemed to have occurred years prior to the release of this information.    What was it about last year which made such an outpouring of grievances not acceptable and now it is a perfect season?

This in no way is blaming women.  But I simply do not understand what is now happening that by all common-sense could have just as easily been reported at anytime in the past.  And that does then call into question motive.

3 thoughts on “Do Not Let Bob Schieffer Be Next Man To Fall

  1. So tell me why. So do you have a reason for the last 8 week window of revelations since that is my question. I have not stated what these women have reported is not true but ask about the timing. I only asked what happened within the past weeks where it all is now seemingly being reported and liberals are the ones for the most part being center to the stories, I am looking at this from a reporters perspective of trying to understand the timing. Do you care to respond?

  2. MD

    See the story of Terry Crews, ex-NFL linebacker and current actor, in today’s Washington Post. When he was assaulted by a powerful Hollywood agent, he thought he wouldn’t be believed, thought he would lose his acting career, be ostracized, and was so angry he feared behaving in a way that would make him, “a large African-American man in American,” be seen as a thug. Yet, he says, “It’s so bizarre. I wake up every morning wondering, ‘Did this really happen?’ It was foul to the core, and it still shocks me.”

    He adds: “I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong.”

    I believe the timing of multiple women coming forward has to do with an extraordinary historic anomaly: Abuse is being exposed, reported as news, investigated, then believed, and at times leading to consequences. When has this ever happened, on this scale, before? To me, this is enough to explain why so many abuses would suddenly surface. The scope of the problem comes as no surprise to many women…

    Of course opportunists with agendas try to capitalize on opportunities the scandals bring. And it’s worth asking the question, If abuse gets reported and only one political party / constituency cares, what results in our country?

    But if your point is that women and men who are victims of sexual-power abuse should have spoken up earlier, if speaking up now gets additionally stigmatized because it might be used to further a political agenda, then what’s the alternative — continued silence?

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