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What Movies Did Richard Nixon Watch During Final Months In White House? (And Why This Is Being Posted)

November 30, 2017

It is Thursday night and it feels–given the headlines–like this week is simply going to rank up there among the most bizarre of the year.  So I am taking time to ponder other things and perhaps take a couple of my readers along for the escape that is so needed.

I found a site where all the films that President Nixon watched during his years at the White are all listed by date and location where viewed.  OK, that is an odd thing to be searching you may say to your computer screen.  But please note this was the week where the continually factually challenged White House Press Secretary said that truth does not matter, but instead only what President Trump thinks is the truth.

So you bet your sweet Nelly I am seeking out all sorts of odd topics to fill my mind with new ideas and thoughts other than what passes for Republican Party politics.

In the second graph below are the abbreviation for where the films were viewed.   While the link above has the entire list I am taking only the last months of his presidency and posting them below.  Enjoy.


BecketCD The Great Gatsby↓CD Mr. Deeds Goes to Town CD Call of the Wild KB What’s Up, Doc? KB The Solid Gold Cadillac KB The Sugarland Express KB The Long, Hot Summer


KB The Paper Chase↓KB Rio Conchos KB The Seven-Ups KB On the Beach WH Shenandoah WH The Wrong Box WH Zandy’s Bride


WH Holiday↓CD Divorce Italian Style CD Kitty CD The Big Sleep CD The Big Heat


KB Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round↓KB McQ KB By the Light of the Silvery Moon SC Chad Hanna SC Come Next Spring SC Man on a Swing SC Man without a Star SC Double Indemnity SC Two for the Seesaw SC The Train Robbers SC It’s a Wonderful Life SC Around the World in 80 Days SC

 Key to screening sites:
 WH White House
 CD Camp David
 KB Key Biscayne
 SC San Clemente
 PS Walter Annenberg’s Palm Springs estate
 GC Robert Abplanalp’s Grand Cay home
 CB Caneel Bay Plantation
 MI Minot Island, Maine
 AI Thomas McCabe’s residence on Assateague Island, Maryland

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