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Science And Education Are Bad!

December 7, 2017

I have contended that Donald Trump has allowed a segment of the nation who are under-educated to think they are just as reasoned and informed as everyone else.  He has fostered the notion that these rubes are, indeed, even smarter than the ones who really have the certificates of schooling.

So it should come as no surprise this White House is dumbing-down to meet the base of support that placed Trump in the Oval Office.

“Of 43 Trump administration nominees in science-related positions — including two for Health and Human Services secretary — almost 60 percent did not have a master’s degree or a doctorate in a science or health field, according to an Associated Press analysis. For their immediate predecessors in the Obama administration, it was almost the opposite: more than 60 percent had advanced science degrees.”

In addition, Trump has left 23 Senate-confirmable positions — 35% of all science-related positions — vacant, including the post for the White House’s top science advisor.

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