Thief Had Good Taste In Guitars…

…but still is a criminal.

Make that scum.

“What could I knock off of this,” said the man as he selected a $2,100 Les Paul guitar from a display area in the back of Heid Music store, 7948 Tree Lane. An employee discussed the price for a moment, when the man announced: “Let me check with my wife.” He then headed for the door; guitar in hand. The employee quickly announced, “I don’t want that leaving the store.” To which the man responded, “No, it’s cool, it’s cool.” No it wasn’t cool. He left the store, got in a car and drove away. Fortunately, Heid has very good surveillance cameras and a MPD officer recognized the suspect as someone he had arrested for an earlier retail theft. This one took place around 5:00 p.m. this past Monday. A positive ID was made by the MPD on Wednesday. The suspect was located and arrested for felony retail theft. Unfortunately, the 2014 Gibson ES Les Paul is still missing, and he’s not talking.

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