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Take Note Of What Is Good About Life When Starting 2018

January 1, 2018

As another year begins it is important to take note of the things in life that are darn near perfect.  We seldom ever hear about this perspective of how to step into January 1st.

Instead we are buffeted with ideas about making resolutions regarding eating healthier, stepping up the pace of workouts, or being more assertive with bosses.  One year I even made a promise to find the best way to remove Creeping Charlie from the lawn.  That idea melted away soon after the one about keeping the squirrels out of the bird feeder.  While those attempts at self-improvements of one type or another can, and should be made at any point along the path of life, it needs noting that making such high hopes at this time of year usually means the resolutions wind-up as cast-offs in a matter of days or weeks.

Therefore I offer a different perspective from which to start 2018.  Sit back for a few minutes and ponder what is going well in life and plan to make it continue.

I was placing some photos in their appropriate on-line files over the Holidays and came across the one at the beginning of this post.   It was taken after coming home with a new coffee mug.  I am always looking for new colorful ones to place in the kitchen as everyday one has to determine which cup best connects with the current mood.  Right…?  It seems harsh on a snowy day to pour coffee into a mug with summer blooms.  And does it not make sense to drink java from a Gettysburg mug when reading about President Lincoln? For many years after my best friend gave me a Face The Nation mug that was the only choice for Sunday mornings.

As I looked at that photo it represented many things which make me smile on a daily basis.

Over the past year we created a reading nook which has a very comfortable chair along with a hassock.  Next to it is a stand for a book and a coffee cup.   Is is situated to look out large windows onto Lake Monona.   Only a few yards on the other side of the windows is where, in the warm months, the Adirondack chairs are arranged for the same vantage point.    But during this time of year the ice, snow, and limbs of trees moving in the windy conditions are viewed from our inside perch.

On summer nights the chair might be the best place to view thunderstorms when the rain lashes the windows and the house is lit up with spectacular flashes of lightening.  It is also the place where later this winter I will take up a book from the shelves about the hurricane in 1775 which pushed its way across the Atlantic and tested the colonists’ resolve at a time of rebellion.

There is much to ponder about the unfolding events around the world upon entering 2018.  There are numerous resolutions each of us could make.  But is it not also worthy of a few minutes at the start of this new chapter to reflect on what makes for smiles and contentment in life?  I found it in a photo.

How will you find your inner peace on January 1st?  Finding that inner strength is important as we recharge, calibrate, and re-energize for the months ahead, and whatever they may bring us as a nation.

  1. Erik permalink
    January 19, 2018 11:01 AM

    You know how to live and be happy! Awesome post!

  2. Jack permalink
    January 3, 2018 7:23 PM

    Perfectly stated. Happy New Year, Deke.

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