More Reasons Why Israel Is Hated

What took place in Israel this weekend, and has not received the type of coverage it deserves in the U.S. press–though the New York Times knew its importance and placed it on their front page this morning--is how right-wing lunacy is gaining steam among the ones who think the Bible is the road map for international relations in the 21st century.

Arguably the most provocative, though least substantive, of the flurry of Israeli actions was a nonbinding but unanimous vote on Sunday by the central committee of Mr. Netanyahu’s party, Likud, to support the “free construction and application of Israeli law and sovereignty in all liberated areas of settlement” in the West Bank.

If such a measure became law, it would effectively annex Israeli settlements on land that the Palestinians demand for a future state and leave them with an archipelago of disconnected territory. The West Bank is now under military jurisdiction, though settlers are subject to civilian law, as Israeli citizens.

Israel is nothing more than an apartheid regime who seemingly works overtime to earn the enmity of the world.   They deserve international scorn and rebuke for their actions.

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