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Does Scott Walker Look To Be In Campaign Mode?

January 4, 2018

O, election time,

O, election time,

How my views doth changeth,

(sing to O Tannenbaum)

In 2011 Scott Walker felt that it was not important to have youth facilities near the inmate’s families.  Now that the press is bearing down on the governor with facts that are politically untenable there is a change of direction.

Walker now plans to convert the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls into a prison for adults.  That will take off the page a most distasteful issue involving the youth prison that has been plagued with allegations of inmate abuse and unsafe working conditions for staff.

The Irma facility north of Wausau will be turned into a medium-security adult correctional facility and open a group of smaller youth prisons around the state for Wisconsin’s most serious juvenile offenders.

It only took Walker roughly 6 years to see the light.  Placing an emphasis on having facilitates closer to the youth’s home area, and stressing mental health and trauma-informed care took a long time to get prioritized for this presidential wanna-be.  It only took a three-year federal investigation and screaming headlines about Lincoln Hills guards accused of excessive force, and then federal lawsuits alleging inmates were abused to get Walker attention.

Think how much could be done for the state if Walker were a private citizen?

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  1. January 5, 2018 8:58 AM

    When someone does the smart thing the opposition criticizes him/her for not doing it sooner. One could just as well ask why didn’t Jim Doyle do it. The corollary is when someone does the right thing the opposition impugns the motive as currying favor of the electorate in the next election. (Who is being cynical?) Even taken at face value, the approval of the governed is a worthy goal.

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