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France’s First Family Makes For Tasty Treats On Madison Isthmus

January 4, 2018

What do political junkies and book readers such as James and myself like to enjoy late in the afternoons?  Thanks to our good friend Helena who lives in Ramonville, France we are now able to have a chocolate with a presidential twist.

Helena came to be our friend a number of years ago as she is a descendant of B.B. Clarke, a Madisonian who had a beach/park named for him.  My blog posts about Clarke were a link across the ‘pond’ to Europe.  Her travels to Madison and the conversations which flowed so effortlessly remain fond memories.

A specialty of Amiens, France since the 16th century, the Macaron of Amien was introduced by Catherine de Medicis.  It was awarded Grand Prix status in 1992 in a competition for regional specialties in France.  The current recipe has not changed since 1872.  The Jean Trogneux Company is owned and operated by the family of First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron.


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