Where Does This All Lead America?

We all recall the famous line from Abraham Lincoln that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Lincoln made that statement prior to the Civil War as the emotions were boiling and the government was seen as not adjusting policies for the issues and the needs of the day.

Speed forward to 2018 and the mess that now greets us each morning as we reach for the paper on the front stoop and listen to the news on the radio.  Lincoln might now ask, if he were able to sit at our breakfast table and catch up on the events, how long a White House divided can presume to lead the world?

I listened to six different interviews with Michael Wolff on Monday and the problem is what he has written fits the daily narrative of what the citizenry knows to be happening by following the newspapers.  Some will attempt to deride the book or call it fiction, but the daily news from the past year forces us to reconcile with the content of this book.  Our government is in serious turmoil.

Some of the voting electorate placed a most ill-equipped man into the White House after a campaign of fear and cynicism.  That candidate is now a president who is increasingly cut off from reality.  To make things even more troubling Trump has a staff who, (in large part), are unprepared for governing, and worse still, tries to convince the public a madman is not in charge.

So as we start 2018 it is only obvious to ask our nation one question.

Where does it all lead us?

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