Absurd Purity Demands From Some In Madison Regarding Police

Label me in a bitchy mood.

Tonight I read that a conservative citizen in Madison has had her comments on a listserv “reported” for God knows what reasons.  As a liberal who knows First Amendment rights are essential, and political purity is rank, I feel more than compelled to respond.

Dorothy Borchardt started a thread posting on NextDoor about the need for additional police officers in our city.  The matter was voted on by the Madison City Council this week and blazed to passage 17-2.  For the record I am also very much in support of our city police and added my comments to the thread as well.

But over the past few days all of Borchardt’s comments were ‘reported’ to the moderators of the listserv as somehow not meeting a certain criteria. I find that most troubling.  We all should!

Earlier this week Borchartd posted the following comment.

Why was it taken down? I know nextdoor is receiving a lot of complaints about post. I never make any complaints or vote to remove a post unless it a commercial or attacks people. I may not agree with a lot of post but that is okay…a lot of people don’t agree with what I post. I think we should be discussing political issues that affect our neighborhoods…the key is to never get angry…if you do…don’t post.

I was sparse with my comments apart from the ones related to the need for the additional officers.  Today, however, following just pure BS from purists I suggested that if people were not pleased with the workings of the council they might consider running for alder.  I was told that 2/3rds of Alderwoman Marsha Rummel’s emails were opposed to the additional officers, to which I responded that the council president (Rummel) was not able to sway any votes Tuesday so perhaps agreeing with constituents is not the only thing that matters.   The implication of my wording was that Rummel is not a leader.  In the case of the additional officers I am glad she has limited skills in governing–it helped MPD!

It was after that comment that a purist decided to no longer be a part of the forum.  I just hope the disgruntled one does not protest by blocking all traffic on a major thoroughfare in our city!  “I WANT MY WAY!!”

Afterwards I read from Dorothy that all her comments were reported and following that there was no way not to spell out my frustration to the readers of the listserv.

I want to say thanks to Dorothy for her work, and ask for some maturity. I have been to this site months back with a found cat issue and landed here again as I felt our police needed an added voice. In other words this is not my hangout. So I am dumbfounded that people are “reported” for posts–for the record I was too. I was not aware that posting on Dorothy’s and then posting on my own was taboo. But now to hear that Dorothy is being reported for all postings makes me wonder what we are turning into. For the record I am liberal and support MPD and Dorothy is more conservative and supports MPD. And there is the POINT! Do we not wish to have the level of political civility where we can come together and unite on an issue knowing we see many other issues from differing perspectives. So to have the ‘reporting’ and juvenile behavior just runs counter to what I would hope we could rise to in this city with a university and scores of intelligent and civic-minded citizens. Call me on my soapbox but someone needs to say it.

And so it goes.

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