Transgender Issues In The Military And Law

For the first time, transgender Americans are able to openly enlist in the U.S. military. Many have been fighting towards that goal for so long.

Hundreds of transgender people are expected to join the thousands already serving this year. With the social progress that has been made in communities around the country it seems the military community will also be a little bit more equal and a little bit more just than in years past. This is not to say that many rough spots do not exist.

The Pentagon is expected to complete its review of transgender military service next month with the president making further decisions on the policy regarding transgender personnel in March. However, the courts put a wrench in Trump’s plan to ban transgender military service, but his Department of Justice has pledged to continue to defend the president’s policies on the matter following the Pentagon’s review.

I place my hopes in the courts as they have produced the constitutional foundations for issues in the past that we hold dear today.

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