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Wear Black Armband January 20 To Show Solidarity With American Values

January 19, 2018

Many people in the United States are continually shocked by the daily–and often hourly attacks–on the Constitution of the United States from President Donald Trump and his administration.  The very election itself in 2016–as determined by every intelligence agency in our nation–was tampered with by Russia.  The very foundation of our republic–a free and fair election–was tampered with by a foreign power.

Instead of accepting that fact and working aggressively to ferret out the truth President Trump has attempted to undermine the investigation.  He continually spins false and corrosive stories to create doubt in the minds of the citizenry as to the need for the special counsel and the work that is being done to find the answers this nation must have about the role Russia played within the Trump campaign.

Every day Trump and his administration showcase racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, and affiliation with the alt-right which have made many people in this country scared and unsure for the future of America and our republic.

Therefore on January 20, the one year anniversary of Trump being sworn in as President, I ask that all Americans wear a black armband.  We should not do this to show partisanship or disdain for Trump.  Rather we should wear the armband to show connection with, affection for, and understanding with those who have been targeted and marginalized in our nation over the past year from the Trump Administration.  Wear the band for immigrants, the poor, reporters, minorities, women, gay people, transgenders, non-Christians, and any other group that does not fit into Trump’s mold.

We live in a dark time with our constitutional form of government under constant attack.   Being silent is not an option.

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