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Take A Moment To Think Where We Are As A Nation

January 21, 2018

At any other time in our history if a president had been found to have had sex with a porn star just months after his third wife gave birth to a child it would have made top of the newpaper headlines.  There would be pundits talking, ministers praying., the public yelling–enough outbursts to be heard even on the dark side of the moon.

But given the absolute crap-storm that is unleashed on a daily basis from President Trump’s White House the public has just come to accept this president has undermined every moral standard that exists, so what more can be done?

That is where we are.

Year two of the Trump presidency has started and his former porn star mistress was smashing people’s faces into her bare chest at a strip club between an airport and a cemetery in Greenville, South Carolina.

Adult film star Stormy Daniels, who has provided the details of the Trump romp in a 5,500 word magazine article this week performed at 11 p.m. last night— the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration — and also at a 1 a.m. Sunday show.

The line to get the customers in was clear for all to understand.  HE SAW HER LIVE.  YOU CAN TOO!

The federal government remained shut down, but Daniels was open for business.

Donald Trump meanwhile has cheated on his wife, made fools of many voters, severely damaged the Republican Party, and is laughing himself silly in the White House.

And so it goes.

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