There Is Still Good In Our World

While on phone I looked out window and saw something in our tree.  I went outside with no socks or shoes and in the cold rain walked to the point that it said “Shall I pose?”

I said, “Quiet or we will scare each other.”

And then I took this photo.

President Trump As Scaredy Cat, Likely Refuses Superbowl Pre-Game Interview

The White House indicated to NBC News that President Trump will not take part in a recent Super Bowl ritual: a pre-game interview between the commander-in-chief and the news unit of the network hosting the game.

There is no wonder as to why Trump is scared to sit down with a real journalist and try to explain any number of issues to the American people.  Without a command of facts and the ever-larger and deeper hole he finds himself the only thing Trump can do is continue in his role as chicken.

The pre-Super Bowl live interview started in 2004 when CBS’ Jim Nantz interviewed George W. Bush. And because NBC is broadcasting this year’s game, NBC’s Lester Holt would likely get the call.  This comes after Trump spoke with former Fox host Bill O’Reilly in 2017, and Barack Obama gave an interview to CBS’ Gayle King the year before.

But Trump would be unable to keep pace with Holt, and so there is strong betting he instead holes up at some golf resort.

Obama’s first pre-Super Bowl interview, on NBC, had logged an average of 21.9 million viewers.  His final one, on CBS in 2016, drew 18 million. Obama’s pre-game interview with O’Reilly on Fox, in 2011, averaged 17.3 million viewers. Trump’s interview last year clocked 12.2 million viewers, significantly fewer than Obama’s interviews.

But then Obama has the ability to use full sentences, with facts, and is a polished and well-mannered man.

Is Statue Of Liberty Worth More As Just Junk Metal?

The news is most startling and troubling as history repeats itself.

First they came for the Mexicans, but I did not say anything, because I was not a Mexican.  Then they came for the Salvadorans, but I am not a Salvadoran.  Then they came for the Haitians….

Now they are coming for Poles.  ( I will get to that story in short order.)

Anyone else see the similarity in the ‘I’m here so pull up the ladder’ complaints about “chain” migration or how immigrants ‘don’t want to learn the language’ and all the other uneducated clatter-trap that is bandied about?   Listen to the complaints about the flying of flags of those from other places and ask the following main question.

Have the angry White Nationalists ever once read history? 

I wonder if they ever knew that the Norwegians had their own newspapers near Madison?  Or that the Germans in Milwaukee had their own schools with their language?  Or that Polish and German flags were displayed every year with pride at Polish Fest and German Fest?

I also take great exception when Caucasians use the “chain migration” as the Africans should be the only ones to use that term since the ones who survived the trip in the 1600/1700’s were brought over in chains.  As to family migration, a lot of European families had a son or daughter or father or brother who came first and earned a little money and sent it back to bring more of their family over.

But again the angry White Guy who thought the last book he ever needed to read was in high school might be much better off he he simply got a library card!  Our whole nation would be better off if Trump voters read just one book about history this year.

Barring that at the rate we are going perhaps he just need to rip that plaque off the base of the statue of “liberty” and sell the bronze for scrap.  Perhaps the whole Statue of Liberty is now nothing more than used metal in an up-right position.

Lukasz Niec was 5 years old when his parents brought him and his sister to the United States from Poland. With two suitcases in tow, his parents — both doctors — left behind a country on the verge of social turmoil. It was 1979, about two years before the country’s authoritarian communist government declared martial law.

Niec received a temporary green card and, in 1989, became a lawful permanent resident. He grew up in Michigan, went to medical school, became a doctor, and raised a daughter and stepdaughter.

Niec, now 43, never fathomed that his legal status in the United States would become an issue. With a renewed green card, and nearly 40 years in the country, his Polish nationality was an afterthought for Niec, his sister told The Washington Post. He doesn’t even speak Polish.

But on Tuesday morning, immigration authorities arrested Niec at his home, just after he had sent his 12-year-old stepdaughter off to school. Niec, a physician specializing in internal medicine at Bronson Healthcare Group in Kalamazoo, Mich., has been detained in a county jail ever since, awaiting a bond hearing and possible deportation.

This is where we are my fellow citizens.  What are you willing to do to make our nation again live up to our values and foundations?

Stephen Miller Must Be Removed From White House For Sake Of Governing

It has been known and reported from the first hours of the Trump presidency that there were many thistles in the White House.  But perhaps the most problematic person–and for those with morals and ethics the most irksome–is Stephen Miller.  The man who gets his strict haircut from the Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman Barber School has made a reputation as a sinister, jack-booted Nationalist.  The list of those who despise Miller grows hourly.

The problem with Miller is that he has a most troubling hold on Trump.  Miller  has been labeled as a puppeteer, helping to shape and scuttle deals for a president who doesn’t understand or care to understand the details.  This is what happens when a person is elected without a solid fact-based background and lacks curiosity to learn.

We know that Trump has hawkish immigration views on a gut level but it is also clear he doesn’t understand all of the policy details and implications.  That is where Miller steps in and makes a dark stain in the White House.  His driving obsession is immigration, an area where he has long pushed hard-line positions going back to his days as a combative conservative activist at Duke University.

Let us not forget that as an aide to then-Sen. Jeff Sessions he was instrumental in helping to kill a bipartisan effort in 2013–an effort CP strongly supported–for a broad immigration deal. He and Sessions helped galvanize House conservatives to block the bill passed by the Senate.  The bill was a sound measure and had the backing of both sides—but Miller, the angry raging nationalist, undermined the effort.

We are, in large measure, in the rancor we now find ourselves due to the hate-mongering Miller has conducted over the years.  At the end of this current shameful place we find ourselves the Dreamers will be allowed to stay and a far more moderate package than Miller desires will be passed by congress.  It will take time to heal this damage caused by racism, but it will be done.

For a year now Stephen Miller was been likened to Joseph Goebbels not only for his nationalistic views but also for an uncanny physical resemblance.  But as they say if one does not like the comparison stop walking like a duck and you will not be likened to one.

Over the weekend as the government shutdown continued and the Trump White House was clearly in a messaging and negotiating meltdown a Republican senator stepped up and made a most clear statement about one of the glaring problems–Stephen Miller.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, suggested that Mr. Trump was in the thrall of extremists on his staff pulling him back from more moderate instincts on immigration.

“His heart is right on this issue; I think he’s got a good understanding of what will sell, and every time we have a proposal, it is only yanked back by staff members,” Mr. Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill on Sunday. “As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we are going nowhere. He’s been an outlier for years.”

Mr. Miller, 32, has been the ideological architect behind much of Mr. Trump’s immigration agenda and a tart-tongued and unapologetic true believer in the president’s “America First” approach to the issue. A former aide to Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he was in the Senate, he cut his teeth on Capitol Hill as a lonely gladiator against bipartisan efforts to overhaul the immigration system and provide a pathway to citizenship for roughly 11 million unauthorized immigrants.

It is time that Trump make the same call for Stephen Miller that he did for the White Nationalist Steve Bannon.  Paul Ryan and others who are concerned about the future of the Republican Party should join in and urge for the removal of Miller.

President Trump’s Inability To Amass Facts, Make Decisions

The issue of how the Trump White House is filled with chaos and deep divisions is not a new story to have reported.  What unfolded this weekend is the worst example of what such behavior leads to–and why the nation needs to be aware of how the executive branch is nonfunctional.

As the government shutdown continued for its second day on Sunday, one thing was clear to both sides of the negotiations to end it: The president was either unwilling or unable to articulate the immigration policy he wanted, much less understand the nuances of what it would involve.

Both sides have reason to be confused. Each time Mr. Trump has edged toward compromise with Democrats, he has appeared to be reined in by his own staff, which shares the hawkish immigration stance that fueled his campaign. And Republican leaders, bruised by past experience with a president who has rarely offered them consistent cover on a politically challenging issue, are loath to guess at his intentions.

The result has been a paralysis not only at the White House but on Capitol Hill, complicating the chances for an ultimate resolution of how to protect hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants, the problem underlying the shutdown. And it has raised questions not only about Mr. Trump’s grasp of the issue that animated his campaign and energizes his core supporters, but his leadership.