There Is Still Good In Our World

While on phone I looked out window and saw something in our tree.  I went outside with no socks or shoes and in the cold rain walked to the point that it said “Shall I pose?”

I said, “Quiet or we will scare each other.”

And then I took this photo.

3 thoughts on “There Is Still Good In Our World

  1. I totally love this photo. And your blog entry.

    The joyous existence of so many raptors hereabouts (I saw a bald eagle on my way home from work today) is proof positive that Scott Walker and Cathy Stepp have not succeeded in their mission to subdue nature.

  2. I love the viewing of raptors, too, Peter. Before the ice covers the lake eagles will fish and that is always a jaw-dropping experience. I am glad to see Stepp no longer in Madison but the damage that her low-brow way of doing business unleashed will takes decades to remedy and that is most sad.

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