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Abhijit “Beej” Das Will Allow Congress To Look More Like America

January 23, 2018

The race in Massachusetts’ third congressional district is being watched with much interest on Madison’s isthmus.  At least in our home.  One of the candidates seeking office, Abhijit “Beej” Das, was my partner James’ roommate at Middlebury College in 1992.

When I read his campaign web site I was struck by two themes which are central to my political underpinnings.  The first is the need for compromise and the understanding as to why that matters in politics, and the second is the regard we need to have for the foundations from the Founding Fathers.

We must change the national dialogue to accommodate differences but still act upon shared beliefs and goals. Our federal system was designed that Mississippi and Massachusetts were not supposed to necessarily be similar but they are expected to share a common thread. We can fix the dysfunction in Washington by bridging between differing viewpoints and finding common ground.  If we are true to  the principles our Founding Fathers established, we will constructively engage with each other.

Like many politicos around the nation I am very pleased with the energy and strong desire to make sure the mid-term elections have an outcome which resemble the true face of our country.  What the nation is greeted to each morning with insane tweets from the White House and damaging policy announcements from across the government is simply not what the majority of the nation expects, or is willing to accept.  We know that holding leadership positions is a responsibility that should not be abused or treated as a child would a new toy.

There is a mood in the air for much change, and Indian American Abhijit “Beej” Das is one of the congressional candidates who has set his mission on making our national values again take center stage.  Das is one of the 13 Democrats running in the September primary for the open seat upon incumbent Niki Tsongas’ retirement at the end of the current term.

Bringing the perspective of an entrepreneur and constitutional lawyer to the campaign is vital at this time as the nation seeks ways to help bridge the divide that has made the political culture in Washington so dysfunctional.  Being the child of immigrants and then Das’ building of an innovative hotel company (Troca Hotels) is precisely the type of person who can challenge voters to think about our ideals and promises rooted firmly in our founding documents.  America is after all still that City on A Hill for all with a dream–and we must never allow that concept to be destroyed.

The news from the Das campaign is bright, indeed, as they have raised $425,000 in the last quarter of 2017.  The campaign had an impressive $550,000 cash on hand.

While there are many races we will watch as this year progresses the MA 3rd will certainly have a special ranking.

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