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What Senator McConnell Said Today, What I Challenged Him On 48 Hours Before

January 23, 2018

Once again the nation is offered meaningless tripe from the likes of Senator Mitch McConnell about another act of gun violence in our nation.  Two are dead and 19 left injured from this morning’s mass shooting in a Kentucky School.

“I know I speak for communities across my home state in sending prayers of comfort and healing to students, faculty and everyone affected by this violence,” the Kentucky Republican said.

Oh, BS!

McConnell has no regard for the dead children, the injured ones, or the many shocked and saddened parents.  He is beholden to the National Rifle Association.  For decades, the NRA has successfully blocked federal action — including government-funded gun violence research and a proposed assault weapons ban — that it believes threatens gun owners’ second amendment rights.  So when McConnell gets up in front of the media to put his smoked-stained lips in motion to utter nonsense about his deep concerns, I say Bull Shit!

The NRA spends millions influencing Congress and the White House to advance its agenda.  McConnell is proof of that fact.

Only 48 hours ago I tweeted the following.

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