Paul Ryan’s House Takes Russian Government’s Side Over The FBI Of The United States

It can be no more plain than the headline to this post.

Every time one thinks the partisan nature of Washington can not get more vile, or the erosion of norms or the undermining of our national institutions could not get more dire we are dealt yet another blow.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee disregarded Justice Department warnings that their actions would be “extraordinarily reckless,” and voted late today to release a contentious secret memorandum said to accuse the department and the F.B.I. of misusing their authority to obtain a secret surveillance order on a former Trump campaign associate.

The vote threw fuel on an already fiery partisan conflict over the investigations into Russia’s brazen meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Republicans invoked a power never before used by the secretive committee to effectively declassify the memo that they had compiled. Democrats called the three-and-a half-page document a dangerous effort to build a narrative to undercut the department’s ongoing Russia investigation, using cherry-picked facts assembled with little or no context.

What comes next is less clear. Under the obscure House rule invoked by the committee, President Trump now has five days to review the document and decide whether to try to block it from going public. The White House has repeatedly indicated that it wants the memo out, but Mr. Trump’s Justice Department had been working to slow or block its release.

Lets cut this matter to the core.

This only proves that Congressman Nunes has something to hide. He was part of Trump’s transition team and there is no reason not to think he had some dealings with the Russians himself. If not, why go through all this trouble to do something so outrageous? So dangerous to the nation?  Shame on the other Republicans for going along with him.

That shame goes all the way up the pile to the rotting mess that now enters Speaker Paul Ryan’s office. Since Ryan seems not able to lead his caucus or steer it away from shameful and unpatriotic actions one has to ask what is becoming of our nation?

The foundations of our republican government are cracking in front of our eyes.

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