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Should This Chicago Woman Make Us Question Airline Safety?

January 29, 2018

WGN radio has talked about this story often and it does raise the question of airline safety procedures.

This is not the first time Hartman has tried to fly without a ticket. She was caught trying to sneak onto flights at least ten times in 2014 and 2015, eventually spending a year in jail, the New York Post reports, and said she “may have” boarded a plane without buying a ticket eight times during an interview with NBC Channel 5 in December 2015. Prosecutors in Cook County, Illinois, called Hartman a “serial stowaway” in a 2015 court filing.

This time, she used a number of tricks to avoid detection. She allegedly began by hiding her face with her hair to sneak past two TSA agents who were monitoring a security line at O’Hare International Airport. Once she got past security, Hartman attempted to board a plane to Connecticut, but she was told to sit down after trying to move around another passenger waiting in line, the Tribune reports. 

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