Following Xenophobic State Of Union Address…….

….James and I will start to binge watch this evening what many saw years ago.

After the most troubling SOTU speech ever can Season One of House Of Cards not be something lighter?  So if you drive by our home and see the lights glowing at 1 AM do not think we are up and sick with the flu.  We have been removing ourselves from all sorts of situations where that might be the outcome.  No, rather the lights being on means watching Frank Underwood required a sandwich and more chocolate milk.


4 thoughts on “Following Xenophobic State Of Union Address…….

  1. Bruce

    I was a little late to the party on this one as well, I’m currently midway through season 4 on Netflix. Enjoy the ride, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. I have watched the first 3 episodes and LOVE It–as does James. Taking quick break for comp time–and then some more. I am late for most things as you know when it comes to watching and tech. Ha!

  3. Howard

    I agree, having recently viewed it through all the currently available episodes. Good creepy characters, not a one likeable; and I’m looking forward to the next (and last) season coming some time this year. It’ll be interesting to see how they end it.

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