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Paul Ryan Is Modern-Day Anakin Skywalker

February 6, 2018

The price of greatness is responsibility.

–Winston Churchill

It has been most dismaying to watch the devolution of House Speaker Paul Ryan.  From a policy wonk who seemed intent to have his name associated with structural changes in taxes and domestic policy is instead becoming a shapeless, pliable tool of a most troubling and constitutionally flawed president.   To put it in contemporary movie terms Ryan is our Anakin Skywalker–a person who started out with higher motives but was turned to assist in the undermining of the guiding common-sense foundations of the nation.

When Ryan allowed for the use of intelligence information for partisan purposes he removed himself from the mantle of stewardship for our country.  We have never before entered such a place where intel can be used in such a gleeful reckless fashion.

Throwing whatever one wishes at the wall to see what sticks is not the path any sensible or concerned person in governmental leadership would ever do.   Yet Ryan, who had the power to intercede and yank Congressman Nunes’ chairmanship, simply stood by and now even aids the deplorable actions of the desperate ones among his ranks.

Ryan’s words to the press about this matter underscores the continuing narrative that only further damages the nation.   After all, FISA abuse is a made-up Republican crap-storm to divert attention from the severely flawed president that too few conservatives had the spine to stand up to in November 2016.

“You’re the press. You’re the avatars of the First Amendment. Protecting a critical component of our civil liberties. FISA abuse matters to each and every one of us as citizens. And if our government abused the FISA process, a very unique selective process, which, if mishandled, could complicate and compromise American civil liberties, we should care about that. So this is about making sure that our civil liberties — as citizens — are protected in the FISA court and that it is not politicized.”

There will be a political price to be paid at the polls for these actions.  The Republicans will not be allowed to so cavalierly undermine our nation.  I still have faith that a majority of educated and patriotic citizen still reside in this land and will act.

History is filled with the many names of leaders, statesmen, and ones committed to the highest standards of leadership.

Then there is a list of those who proved they have a thirst for power that drowns their sensibilities and casts a stark light upon their short-comings of character.  Over the past week Ryan has been defined as nothing more than a dangerous partisan.   Ryan has become just another boot-licker to Trump.  And as we know Trump’s boot always kicks the ones who kneel and does his bidding.  It only is a matter of time.

One would think Ryan might have at some point over the decades watched Star Wars.  Had he done so he might see how his current actions mimic the epic films.  But unlike the movies it is hard to see how Ryan can ever redeem himself from the stench which he created and now surrounds him.

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