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Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Kelli Ward Goes Very Ugly Against John McCain

February 12, 2018

I suspect everyone these days expects the most vile or outrageous comments to be made in the political arena.  At times I wonder if we are losing our sense of being shocked anymore, and in so doing are becoming numb to the bitterness of our culture.   Having said that, however, I cannot fathom anyone not feeling just pure sadness over the statement about Senator John McCain made by a power-hungry candidate running for his seat.

The first reaction that came from my mouth upon reading this news was “Oh, no!”

Arizona U.S. Senate Republican candidate Kelli Ward has firmly stated that she stands by her comments that McCain should resign immediately.

Said Ward: “I think that anybody who is not able to do their job should step aside and allow the process to continue in Washington, D.C., because there is such important work to be done.”

This is a most slimy and contemptible statement and way of thinking.  I readily admit our political process is dysfunctional–there is no doubt about that at all.  But to drop so low into the hole by hammering a cancer-stricken man about giving up his senate seat is gut-wrenching.  Her comment allows us all to see into her character–or lack thereof.

This weekend I started reading Master of the Senate by Robert Caro—need I say Awesome!  The first two chapters give a tour of the history of the Senate and the power it wields–or declines to wield.  The caning of Senator Charles Sumner is written about and one can almost feel the blows from Congressman Brooks.  The reason I mention it here is that Sumner took 3 years to convalesce before returning to the chamber.

Meanwhile Ward is a osteopathic physician which makes her comment all the more distressing.  All we can tell her at this point is Doctor, Heal Thyself!

This is not the first time that Ward has shown no class and only viper-like tendencies when it comes to her craving for a senate seat.

In the event that McCain cannot finish his six-year term, which expires in 2023, the Arizona governor would tap a Republican successor who would face voters in the next general election. That means there is at least a possibility that Arizona voters would elect two U.S. senators in the upcoming 2018 election.

Let us hope that character matters to the voters.

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