NRA Should Have Noses Rubbed In Carnage Of School Shooting In Florida

This is what happens in America.

This is not a phenomenon that occurs in other nations.

This is the result of the NRA who buys congress, raises untold amounts of money, and pressures common sense out of the political conversation.

The latest gun violence took place in a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Broward caused “numerous” fatalities.  Law enforcement responded to reports of a shooting at the school shortly before 3 P.M.

There is bipartisan support in Congress for legislation that would restrict guns in our nation.  Today is just another example of why it’s so important they act.

But you and I both know that action is not forthcoming as the NRA has congress shackled.  The political landscape is undermined with redistricting that allows for the loud NRA money to shut out the voices of the majority who know what is happening in our communities.

The NRA is thy most dangerous lobbying group in America.  Until we all take a public stand and demand another way forward the carnage will continue.  And the NRA wants gun violence to continue so they can use their power to leverage more gun sales for manufactures.

The bullshit response of ‘guns don’t kill, people kill’ gags the nation like rotten eggs left in a car in mid-July.   Only the most severely uneducated rube or overly blind partisan would ever make such a stupid claim.

I think the top lobbyists and promoters of the NRA should be taken to this Florida school and once the bodies of the victims are removed have their noses rubbed in the mess that remains on the floor of the school.  Let them smell the results of the deranged policies they advocate.

Make those same NRA leaders attend every single funeral for the students.

Let the NRA explain to the locals of this community about why gun-interests are more important than the national interest.

Better yet perhaps someone from the NRA brain trust might suggest why this all could have been avoided today had the kids in Florida been armed.

There is a great need in this nation to no longer allow the tail to wag the dog when it comes to gun control measures.   There was a blood-letting today that will make the headlines, but the NRA is counting on most Americans to forget this horrible story by the time finish their third beer on the couch.  The NRA will not be mentioned again until another mass shooting.

And on and on it goes.

The NRA will continue to torpedo gun control legislation, and threaten politicians.  The NRA will use the brain-dead who repeat the crap they spew to bluster on right-wing media.

Winter will turn to spring.  2018 will turn to 2019.

More guns will continue to be sold, countless rounds of ammunition will be bought.

Untold amounts will be fired.

And we all know that some of those will be fired into innocent kids, like which happened today.

We need to find our balls on this issue and stand up and demand from our legislators that they also find theirs.

The NRA needs to know they are no longer in charge.

Our nation is too important to allow the games the NRA plays to continue.

If you think I am wrong talk to a parent of a dead child in Florida.

2 thoughts on “NRA Should Have Noses Rubbed In Carnage Of School Shooting In Florida

  1. smokey3

    You would prefer that those crazies that now use guns would use gasoline bombs, or???? What about the carnage caused by automobiles every year? Can you blame the NRA for that? 20 million + gun owners did not kill anyone today! Match that with auto’s…

  2. So, you’re saying that the U.S. has a monopoly on crazy people. And that our guns laws do not promote and perpetuate the killing of massive numbers of our citizens? As to autos…..are you serious in trying to match that as a sound point from which to make your points?

    You don’t need a license to own a gun. You don’t need any training to own any type of gun. You don’t have to prove your proficiency in the operation of the gun prior to being allowed to shoot it. You don’t have to register your weapon with anyone or prove that it is even safe to use. You don’t have to carry insurance for owning a gun in case you accidentally shoot someone. You can buy any type of gun, from the lowest peashooter to an assault rifle without any mental health evaluation or even a vision test to ensure that you can see what you are shooting at.

    So let me move to owning cars.

    Everybody jumps through all of sorts of regulatory hoops to drive, because we need to drive our cars to get to work and to function in society. These regulations and rules make driving safer for all of the drivers on the road, and provide accountability in the case of any unintentional problems that may occur while driving.

    Why wouldn’t you use this proven risk reduction model to make gun ownership and gun usage safer for the public as a whole?

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