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Madison School Had Massive Fight Among Students–18 Police Needed To Stem Problem

February 16, 2018

This is worth your time to read as Madison ponders matter of police in our schools. Given the chaos and trouble in our society having such men and women in Madison schools is a most appropriate action.

.…..riot that occurred shortly before 10 Tuesday morning at La Follette High School. A disturbance so serious that three students were injured, 18 police responded, and the number of students fighting is still hard to come by.

There is growing evidence that these melees are more common in Madison’s four public high schools than is generally known.

Ald. Paul Skidmore tells the Squire, that he is aware of “similar serious incidents at the other public high schools.” The alder says he wants “to raise public awareness to this growing problem.”

Madison Police Chief Koval stated that, “To quell further outbreaks, police remained on-site [for 2½ hours] until 12:30 pm. during which time two of Madison’s four police districts, North and East, accepted only priority calls.

There is a clear need, based on the evidence at hand which stretches over months, for police to be in the Madison schools.  To deny that a serious problem exists is to only undermine our schools and short-change those students who actually do show up to learn and mature.   To have such outrageous and totally unacceptable behavior from some students who seem intent on doing bodily damage to others means that the adults in the city need to apply some stricter rules.

That is simply the bottom line.

The adults who need to take action are the residents of Madison demanding the school board make the logical step of having police located in our schools.  Even as I write those words it seems I am living in an alternate universe since my high school days were ones where spit-wads were the means of making mischief.  I know things change, but how did we get to the place where teachers are in harm’s way and students have to be ready to rumble before lunchtime?

There is more at play here than police in the schools.  It really comes down to ensuring adults understand the role ahead of them at the time of pregnancy.   Making sure all the plumbing works is fun but being a parent is a responsibility that too few fully embrace.

That is how we get the kids who make headlines which then cause the taxpayers to make choices–such as needing to place police in schools.

This is not something the shouters can claim is racial or somehow aimed at this or that demographic.    ALL parents who send their child to school should expect leaning to take place in a safe environment.  When that does not happen changes need to happen.


  1. February 18, 2018 12:06 PM

    In all fairness to what you are saying the local issue here is not fully understood at a distance. The police here have had to deal with some local elements and matters that place all this in a very contentious equation. We agree on this but I am just saying the facts are more numerous that my fast post allows to be seen.

  2. smokey3 permalink
    February 17, 2018 6:50 PM

    “The adults who need to take action are the residents of Madison demanding the school board make the logical step of having police located in our schools.” Does anyone believe this crap?

    The “Adults” who need to take action in dealing with these out of control misfits – although it may be too late – are the “Adults????” who brought them into this world! I’m reasonably certain Gregory, that if you had been involved in something like this, your Dad would have not waited for the school board to order in the police, but would have dealt with you one-on-one and immediately resolved the problem, as would most of the other parents I knew back then!

    So it surprises me that you would give voice this kind of let the police deal with it foolishness, even though you are living in an alternate universe, and even though you attempt to clean it up towards the end of your post.

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