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Arming Teachers Is Not Rational Idea

February 22, 2018

Arming teachers?

The politicians strapped to the NRA like a canoe harnessed to the top of a car will go to any lengths to attempt to paint a picture of why gun violence occurs.  It is because there are not enough people ‘who say something’, or schools not constructed with certain designs or not locked down.   The latest attempt at deflection, however, is perhaps the craziest, yet.   There are just not enough guns in schools!

So now there is a feeble cry from President Trump and others that schools should allow for teachers to be armed.

Who is going to train the teachers?

When will they be trained?

Who is going to conduct the background checks?

What if some schools don’t have anyone who wants to carry a weapon?

Who will pay for the weapons?

What will individual municipalities and districts think?

So a teacher has a hand-gun on her side and the assault weapon the congress will not ban is blazing away with an over-powering magazine….


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  1. Nancy Palma permalink
    February 22, 2018 1:12 PM

    I wouldn’t let my children go to a school where teachers were armed. My younger son is handicapped. One of the workers in his day program had a concealed carry permit. This man went in the bathroom, took his gun off his side to use the toilet and left the gun sitting right there on the sink and went back to his work station. Luckily the next person in that bathroom was a staff person but that was dumb luck… could have been a kid. This type of responsibility can’t be put on teachers who are already overworked and underpaid and their minds could easily be elsewhere just like this man. BTW he had his pistol permit taken away from him by the courts after this incident was reported.

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