Americans Want Gun Control Measures Passed Into Law

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows strong support for stricter gun laws among registered voters at 68 percent, compared with just 25 percent who oppose stricter gun laws.

More very encouraging poll results show that 88% of voters support universal background checks.

70% support a ban on high-capacity magazines.

68% want to ban assault-style weapons.

Other polls show similar growth in support for additional gun restrictions — and that the growth comes mostly from Republicans and independents. A CBS News poll out late last week found 65 percent of Americans say the laws governing the sale of guns should be stricter — an increase of 8 points from last December, and the highest number CBS News has ever recorded for stricter gun laws.

2 thoughts on “Americans Want Gun Control Measures Passed Into Law

  1. Sandy

    For a long time many people have wanted gun control laws but I think were afraid to say things as small towns can be rough to go against the grain but now it is easy for people to speak out for stopping the killings.

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