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Oscars And Movie Magic In 2018

March 4, 2018

I still thrill to the movies that Hollywood makes each year.  I have always loved film, appreciated the talent it takes to write, act, produce, and direct.   Some moves make me smile, others cry, some make me think, and others are just pure fun to watch.

Though I have loved escaping with film since a teenager, I have noticed that over the past two years my need for escape has increased due to the chaos filled world of Election 2016 and the time which has passed since the inauguration.  Movies are a tonic for my soul.

At our home James and I watch films throughout the year.  We also sit back and enjoy the Academy Awards Show–this year being the 90th presentation.   There is a sense of wonder as the men in tuxes and women in designer gowns enter with grace and hope.

The Oscars are for more than just looking at the films of the past year but also are a vehicle for montages to again remind us of the magic that film continues to hold from decades past.  I trust there are some legends who show up and make the night come alive with memories.

The film I simply adored this year–Loving Vincent--is not a contender but it was superb in every sense of the word.  But there are so many others that strike an emotional cord that whoever wins the coveted awards it is safe to say they are well deserved.

So just a few hours until it is the night of Movie Magic!

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  1. Cosmic permalink
    March 6, 2018 3:17 PM

    “Loving Vincent” was indeed a contender for Animated Feature Film, but “Coco” took the Oscar in that category. I, too, thought “Loving Vincent” was a masterpiece!

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