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What Is Wrong With Madison City Channel—Does Anyone in Their Office Care?

March 4, 2018

For many months Madison City Cable (Channel 994 on Charter/Spectrum) has had a problem which needs to be fixed. During this time when turning to the on-line guide there are no program titles for the channel listed.   Instead all times are listed as “To Be Announced”.   As such there is no chance to know when a program is to air live or to be re-broadcast.   More problematic for those who wish to view, as an example, city council meetings, but are not at home when they take place, there is no way to tape the program. One cannot record on a DVR a program that is not listed in the guide.

I have checked with four other subscribers to this cable provider in Madison and all report the same difficulties with Madison City Channel.

About two years ago the same issue was experienced with WHA-TV and upon my call to their office the matter was noted, and fixed in 24 hours. They needed to make contact with the cable provider and make as they explained—for lack of technical wording—‘some entries on their end’.

I have contacted Madison City Channel offices twice, leaving a detailed message on an answering machine, and then spoke to a person who seemed to be trying to understand the matter while taking notes. I just knew there was not going to be a successful conclusion to that matter when I placed the phone back down on my desk.

And, in fact, there has not been a fix to the problem.

I get the fact Madison City Cable is not the place most viewers find themselves when picking up the remote.   But to the ones who care enough about city government and the issues involved to tune in means they should have a complete working channel. And knowing from past experience a fix can be made—as with WHA—I am frustrated as to the seeming refusal to address this matter for the taxpayers of Madison.

I do intend to get this matter addressed and fixed.

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