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Leak To Press Last Week About Cohn Correct

March 6, 2018

You read it here last week.

National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn resigned on Tuesday after a dispute in the White House over steel and aluminum tariffs.  Cohn had reportedly correctly opposed the tariffs that Trump announced last week on imported steel and aluminum and had been working to assure U.S. allies in recent days that their concerns would be addressed.  Earlier Tuesday, Trump said he intends to move forward with the tariffs.  Cohn’s departure is the latest in a string of exits by top officials in the Trump White House.

Trump driving nation over cliff but not everyone wants to take the ride.

Let us recall that Cohn wrote a resignation letter after President Trump blamed “both sides” in the deadly protest against a Charlottesville, Va., rally by white supremacists and neo-Nazis.  Cohn ultimately changed his mind and decided to remain on as Trump’s chief economic adviser—only to then face a trade war and needing to remove himself from the crap-storm.

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