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What Does One Say About La Follette High School’s “Hip Hop Architecture 101”?

March 21, 2018

The Madison School District staff are proposing to run a new “micro school” for troubled students from La Follette High School through the last nine weeks of the school year.  The idea is flawed.

Troubled students need to be helped, and it makes sense to assist on the front side as opposed to having teenagers grow up and turn to crime and actions which only plague society with ever-more costs.

So I get the rationale for thinking outside the box when it comes to these types of matters.   But on the other hand we also need to think logically when it comes to spending the tax-payers money, and if it really helps those who are troubled.  

We have seen over the months a growing and increasing worrisome issue concerning fights and dangerous conditions at La Follette High School.  There is, according to some at the school, a breakdown in conditions that is making actual classroom learning more problematic.   (As a side note I grew up where “violent” was never a term one could use for any student at my high school. We had parents who never would even allowed for more than the seldom used cursing in a classroom.)  Now La Follette fights and classroom disruptions are almost expected.

To get the violent students under control the board is planning to work with religious organizations who would provide volunteers for a program which would emphasize project work, “soft skills” and the teaching of real-world math and science.

The only thing soft about this proposal are those in the community with soft heads who buy into this idea.  

Why our society has come to the point that we need to now coddle and re-arrange class time and structure for the ‘education’ of a small group of kids who simply need to understand the word discipline is a mystery to me.  Hell, I suspect it is a mystery to the majority of this city.

These are not 6 year old children which are at the center to this story.  We are talking about teenagers who if not already, will very soon be a part of the work world.  A work world which will not be adding a special building so to tamp down the crazy BS that some so willfully exhibit.

I have real problems with the approach the board is taking.  We all know there will not be a rigorous attempt made at actual education.  I am surprised at how the board is bending to these students by taking steps that seem to reward bad behavior.  The brutes should be forced to adapt to the same structure and school curriculum which applies for other students.  That in itself is part of the learning process!

I want truly special-needs students who require assistance for an education to be provided with everything they need on a daily basis.  But there is no way just because one is acting like a punk that there should be special accommodations.  That is simply allowing bullies in another form to win.

The board said that program staff are to include a full-time teacher, social worker, a part-time special education caseworker, and a restorative justice coordinator.   Among planned offerings is a class called Hip Hop Architecture 101, in which students might learn applied math and science skills.

Doing your math while humming a tune about ‘that bitch’ or “dirty ho”  is not what I wish from the tax dollars collected in this city.   Perhaps I am really old-fashioned but what does a degree in “hip hop architecture” look like?

There must be an awful lot of slush in the school budget if this crap can fly.   But to hear the board talk it was as if, “oh, this won’t cost us anything.”  At the same time the board was urging for quick passage even though they did not have answers to all the  questions.

Anyone wish to guess how long before a headline about a violent outbreak in the new building is in the news?

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