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Republicans Roll Over For Trump Like Hungry Dogs

March 22, 2018

I have never been able to understand how people who call themselves Republican or conservative can fall over themselves with glee about Donald Trump who has proven to have none of the foundations which make for a political party or for a governing philosophy.  Today Thomas Friedman says it all in this regard.

During the campaign he promised to release them after the I.R.S. finished auditing him. Then, after he was elected, Trump said, sorry, not going to release them ever. And nothing happened. Trump, I am reliably told, has actually said to people close to him, ‘Can you believe I got away with that?’

Once Trump saw that he could get away with not disclosing his tax returns, he knew he could get away with anything. He knew that once he compromised the G.O.P., even its evangelical wing, into giving him a pass on his taxes, they’d roll over for anything — sex with porn stars, endless lying, trashing the F.B.I., coddling Putin. Once you erase a big red line, it’s hard to start enforcing others.

Get me Trump’s tax returns. Because there must be something very important in them that he wants to keep hidden. Maybe it’s just the embarrassment that he is not as rich as he claims, or, maybe, it’s something more fundamental — like how dependent he is on Russian oligarchs for financing, so much so that Putin has leverage on him. Whatever the reason, though, when Trump saw he could get away with hiding them, he knew he could break any rule, tell any lie and violate any presidential norm — and he’s done just that.

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  1. March 22, 2018 1:24 PM

    But it’s okay, because Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell say so!

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