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“Kindness From The People Of Wisconsin”

March 23, 2018

On Senate Majority Leaders Lyndon Johnson”s 49th birthday–August 27, 1957- he received a most important gift.

Republican Senator Joe McCarthy who had first destroyed his credibility and his honor with lies about federal worker’s loyalty to the nation, then worked overtime to destroy himself with booze.  When he died a special election was called.

Democratic candidate William Proxmire won the race on that birthday for LBJ and called the Leader that night.

“Senator Johnson, I’ve got the biggest birthday present of them all for you—me!”

Johnson replied, ” I must say I never expected this much kindness from the people of Wisconsin.”

That victory allowed Johnson to remain Majority Leader in 1958.  Senator Neely died four months later and Promire’s win proved how important he was to the party controlling the senate.

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