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Endorsements For Spring Election 2018 From Caffeinated Politics

March 27, 2018

Before getting ready for the Easter Holiday I wanted to make sure readers in Wisconsin were ready for the Spring election!

On April 3rd our state has a most important choice as voters will decide who will be our next Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.  Given the attempts by conservatives at both the state and national level to stretch, manipulate, and torture legal reasoning it is vital that liberals and progressives get to the polls Tuesday and cast a ballot for Judge Rebecca Dallet.

Citizens deserve a Supreme Court that can be viewed as a fair arbiter on the big judicial questions that face the state.  The Republican funded opponent has proven to be anchored to conservatives and NRA special interest money.

Judge Dallet has spent more than 20 years working in our Wisconsin courtrooms, serving first as a prosecutor and now as a judge in Milwaukee County.  Throughout her career, she has been a champion for victims of human trafficking, child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

In short, let me make it clear we have seen too many political shenanigans created by conservatives over the past years to allow for another right-winger to be elected.

For Madison School Board I am strongly endorsing Gloria Reyes.   Our city can be proud that talent, skills, and diversity all are part and parcel of her life story.  She can bring a strong and  needed voice of moderation to the board.  Behavior and safety in our schools is something we need to address, and Reyes has been forthcoming in her desire to make an impact that ensures schools are secure places for learning.

For the Dane County Board 6th District I am proud and pleased to endorse Pam Porter.  We have two lawn signs at our home for her election—and in this case that is also not in violation of an ordinance.  (We really like this candidate!) My first reaction to her candidacy was BRAVO as I am a voter who likes to see that a person has a stunning resume.   She comes with a skill set of service as an aide to the County Executive and knows how the process of governing works.   Her environmental  credentials are solid.  She is a researcher at UW-Madison and is a nationally recognized expert in agriculture, water quality, and renewable energy.

When it comes to the statewide referendum on whether the position of State Treasurer should be abolished each and every voter needs to cast a decisive NO.  My reason for such a strong message about this matter is due to my view of the how the governing process should operate.

Eliminating the Office of the State Treasurer consolidates more power in one agency–in this case the Department of Administration.  History shows the greater the power, the greater the opportunity for corruption, and less transparency for citizens of the state.  Ponder how the basic structure of any company is put together.  The person who buys things is not the person who writes the checks, or the treasurer, nor the one who audits the books.

There is simply too much power and not enough oversight in the DOA.  That is not a partisan view as parties control of state government switches around over time.  My firm conviction on this statewide ballot question comes down to the process of governing—something I often am found posting about.

Get to the polls and take a neighbor!  I wish that each of you lives near a polling place where they might also have a bake sale going on at the same time….make my brownie with extra frosting!

And thanks for voting!

  1. March 29, 2018 10:55 AM

    Just to state it here—these are endorsements, Solly, and not predictions. With record turnouts expected this will be fun!

  2. Sovereign Solly permalink
    March 28, 2018 12:57 PM

    Not bad Deke, you rate a solid 25% right in your recommendations, which I believe is about double your average. 🙂 So, let me see if I have this right. It’s not important for the citizenry to have a say in electing our judges who directly impact our lives, that is to be left to the wise counsel of the likes of Scott Wanker in a “merit appointment,” but it is critical that voters weigh in on who sits, and I mean sits since it is a do-nothing job, of State Treasurer. It may have made sense in 1848 but not today. In the Kingdom of Sollyland, the ballot would be cleared of all non-policy making jobs, like Register of Deeds, Clerk of Courts, County Treasurer, State Treasurer and Secretary of State (another relic – both the job and DLF). We would still vote for policy making positions such as Sheriff, D.A., Attorney General, Legislators and Executives and Judges to provide a check for disagreement with policy, corruption or poor performance. I would also get rid of one of the few remaining duties of the State Treasurer and Secretary of State (and A.G.) that being serving of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, whose main purpose is to provide a political hack job for the likes of Princess Tia Nelson and Jonathan Barry. That’s good conservative, ethical government. Of course in the Kingdom of Sollyland, there will be no need for elections since I will decide.

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