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Who Is–And Who Is Not–Comfortable With American Culture

March 30, 2018

These types of polls always intrigue me due to how they usually break down.   The education factor is always key.

And the continuing divide over a changing American culture shows why the wars continue to rage. In the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 54 percent of Americans said that they are comfortable with American society becoming more diverse and tolerant of different lifestyles, gender roles, languages and other experiences, while 25 percent said that the changes make them uneasy.

But the geographic, generational and — yes — partisan differences over the changing culture also show us some of the broad outlines of the two party coalitions.

Here’s a closer look at who’s comfortable and who’s uneasy with a changing culture.

Most comfortable

  • Clinton voters: 80 percent
  • Liberals: 80 percent
  • Prefer a Democratic Congress in November: 77 percent
  • Democrats: 74 percent
  • Whites with a college degree: 64 percent
  • Millennials: 64 percent
  • Urban dwellers: 62 percent

Most uneasy

  • Prefer a Republican Congress in November: 45 percent
  • Trump voters: 44 percent
  • Republicans: 43 percent
  • Conservatives: 43 percent
  • Rural dwellers: 35 percent
  • Whites without a college degree: 32 percent

Baby Boomers and older: 31 percent

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