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Easter Morning And Trump Turns Vile

April 1, 2018

Someone asked me this weekend what mattered more.  Character or intellect.  I said character as one can learn what one does not know, but one can not become a better person if the building blocks for doing so are not already planted within.

That is what we have seen this Easter weekend as Donald Trump made the Holiday all about him—and forced the nation to loose concentration on what really should be our focal point.  The death and resurrection of Christ.

Being narcissistic and unhinged is what Americans have come to expect every day from Trump. But I was hoping—I am an optimist, after all–that Trump might find some moral footing, regardless of its smallness, and let it guide him over this weekend.  But I was wrong with such hoping.

Instead, we were presented with Trump requiring his attention-craving personality to invade the seriousness of the Holiday.   It reminded me of Nero who ordered the gates locked on the house where he played the water organ and sang songs–forcing his guests to listen–and listen.  The smarter ones made an exit over the walls and some were even reported to have feigned death.   But what were the average Americans to do this weekend when Trump’s hatred and bigotry over brown-skinned people rose higher than the international solemnity over Easter?

There are many ways over the years that this blog has described Trump.  From infantile to corrupt, from chaotic to sleazy.  But perhaps never has the nation faced such a degrading example of Trump’s lack of character as when he lashed out on Easter morning against immigrants.

One can talk about policy and have differing perspectives.  That is one thing.  But when it comes to being a decent person, having a foundation built on character, someone that can lead a nation from a moral center there is no  doubt America is now without such a person in the Oval Office

The continual punches in the face to our nation shows the deeply flawed person Trump is, and seemingly always will be.  Trump is not only a poor leader—he is also a poor man when it comes to what money can not buy.

A winning character.

His racism and hatred on Easter morning was his most dreadful performance to date.

  1. April 2, 2018 11:40 AM

    Point well taken, Mark!!

  2. Mark E. Bye permalink
    April 2, 2018 11:05 AM


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