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The Way We Treat People Does Matter

April 3, 2018

Perhaps today’s best read.

Why would anyone choose to be treated like this — disposable like yesterday’s garbage? That’s how President Trump seems to treat the men and women who have chosen to work for him in jobs that probably pay less and require far more of them and their families than nearly anything else they could be doing instead.

In most cases, you’ll find people who wanted to serve their country, but are learning it’s harder than they expected. Much harder.

But White House jobs aren’t the only ones otherwise good people are leaving in favor of something else — anything else — that sits better with their souls.

In the days after South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy announced he would retire from Congress at the end of this term, he told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota this:

“I like jobs where facts matter. I like jobs where fairness matters. I like jobs where, frankly, where the process matters. It’s not just about winning and it’s not just about reaching a result.”

That is a damning critique from a man who could almost write his ticket for a lifetime in Congress, but is saying it’s not a life worth pursuing after all.

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