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Late Night Musings About Where America Stands Following Michael Cohen FBI Raid

April 9, 2018

History might look back on the FBI raid of Michael Cohen’s offices and call it Donald ‘Trump’s Black Monday’.  After all, consider the weight of proof required to allow for the courts to agree that the power of law enforcement should seize attorney-client communications. That fact is simply stunning to ponder—even in a time when the most odd things happen many times a day due to  Trump’s White House.

Why this FBI raid happened, in the manner it did, seems to strongly indicate that authorities decided that Cohen’s records were in danger of being destroyed or carried off.  The judge approving this warrant agreed.

As legal scholars were talking this evening one thing becomes most obvious.  The Mueller investigation and the New York Attorney General can form a pincer to squeeze the entire rotten Trump organization and Orange Mussolini, himself.  Those who attempt to run afoul of the law and believe that being rich and powerful will allow escape from justice, are finding that they too are accountable to the law, as any poor person on the street.  

The other part of this news today that makes it so compelling is that with the addition of New York State it means any state charges can’t be pardoned away by a president.

I sit here tonight thinking back to another time of constitutional crisis—the era of President Nixon and Watergate.  History shows something most interesting.

I looked up some data about the stock market at the time of the Saturday Night Massacre.  When Special Prosecutor Cox was fired, and then-Attorney General Richardson resigned in protest the S&P 500 fell 14% from October 1st through November.  Though the market then was in a bearish mood it needs noting from January 1973 through August 1974, a period that includes the conviction of the Watergate burglars, Nixon’s resignation, global oil shock, Middle East turmoil, and a dramatic spike in inflation, stocks lost 42% of their value.

Might the markets move in a negative fashion with a Trump created constitutional crisis in 2018?

If that sounds far-fetched would you have thought the FBI would have reason to raid Trump’s lawyer’s offices?

Just some of my musings about another incredible news day, brought to you by Trump voters who thought the last book they ever needed to read was back in high school.

And so it goes.

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