Paul Ryan Flees Sinking Ship

This is no surprise.  But it does, nonetheless, add to the growing narrative about the fate which will unfold this fall for the Republican Party.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision not to seek re-election shakes up the GOP leadership.  But it also is mighty important to Democrats in Wisconsin as it impacts Ryan’s party’s ability to hold his congressional seat.  While it is true that his seat was considered safe, that was due to Ryan being the candidate.  But with a Republican newcomer in what will be a Blue Wave cycle the best the GOP can call this seat is leaning Republican.

There is no doubt this seat will require work from the Democrats if they are to strike pay dirt.  In the recent, nonpartisan election for the state supreme court, the more liberal candidate, Rebecca Dallet, won statewide by 12 points but lost the First Congressional District by 6 points,

As this news about Ryan is made today from Washington Democratic candidate Randy Bryce continues building a massive war chest. “Ironstache” as he is affectionately termed had $1.3 million in the bank on Dec. 31 and raised another $2.1 million in the first three months of this year.  Not shabby at all.

Things might alter a bit in the fundraising arm of this race as Ryan will no longer be the political target.   Still, this race is going to get national coverage and be a bellwether for the mood of Wisconsin and the nation.