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“Mission Accomplished!” Is Not True For Syria

April 16, 2018

The one thing you can bet on today is that the Trump White House will not be talking about a policy imitative for Syria.  After taking the correct military response to President Assad’s government using chemical weapons Donald Trump stated over the weekend, “Mission Accomplished!”

Not even close!

No one ever thought Trump had seriously studied the Syrian problem or examined ways in which the United States or our allies might play a positive role in that troubled land.  But one might hope that he would have instructed others with skills and background to formulate some policy ideas.   As the months have passed one thing is clear.  There is no advancement with what Syria needs most–that being a road map to the future.

While I advocated for a strong response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons I also–again–called for policy moves to safeguard the people, and allow for talks that must include the status of Assad.    There must be free elections.  There must also be a process where the World Court can bring to justice those who have created so many horrific acts.

The Trump Administration  stated this weekend they hoped the action taken Friday night would allow for diplomacy to advance.  But also this weekend it was clear the White House was not about to offer new ideas about how that might happen.

So, there is no way that anyone can agree with using the words “Mission Accomplished!”

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