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Read The James Comey Memos About “Best Hookers In The World”

They are worth your time.

Former FBI Director James Comey documented a conversation with Donald Trump last year in which Trump recalled Vladimir Putin telling him that Russia has ‘some of the most beautiful hookers in the world.

We know–and I predict–that there is a massive bombshell to drop at some point about Trump and his whores.  The reason I say that is due to the repeated times Trump talks about the matter with Comey–and brings the topic up himself.  There is something that happened which Trump does not want people to know.  Could it be about torture?

What strikes me is that no where does Trump talk about the need for the United States to find a way to understand how the Russians interfered with the election or how to prevent that from happening again.  What stands out to me is how Trump is, one again, fixated on himself and not the needs to the country.

Who Speaks Honestly To Voters About Job Creation And Technological Changes?

I have often written that in 2016 Donald Trump was loud and fact-less in the campaign, and Hillary Clinton  lost a chance to have an educational type campaign with the electorate.   I have also written over and over that Thomas Friedman is one of the great thinkers of our time.  His last book, Thanks For Being Late, in my estimation is essential reading.  The pace of technological changes and innovation that has surrounded the globe will not slow down–nor should we desire a drop in innovations.

Life-time learning is going to come as a shock for many people in red states who felt the last book they had to read was back in high school.  There is no way to hold back the future, but we can and should, be much smarter in how we accept it.  China is investing in mega amounts of dollars in new energy technology while the United States is wishing to dig with zeal for coal!

Some laugh at education and elite schools while others around the globe embrace the power of learning.   Conservatives tell our nation on a continuous basis taxes are never to be increased.

Over and over the public has been failed from politicians who will not have an adult conversation with the voters.  Many voters are not able to process the information but the candidates do not even try to make the more elevated case for why we need to think bigger and bolder about the future in relation to jobs.

This is a time when productivity numbers have not leapt forward in the same way that technology has in the world.  It takes us roughly 10-15 years to get used to the sort of technological changes that we used to absorb in a couple of generations.  But when one adds that technology becomes obsolete roughly every five to seven years it showcases the need for frank discussions from politicians to the voters they serve.

Friedman writes in his book some ways the American government could navigate to assist the nation in this highly-changing world.  He argues for setting up a single-payer health system to passing free-trade deals and building infrastructure.  But with a broken political system and pure chaos due to Republicans the voters seem to be on their own for the time being.