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Read The James Comey Memos About “Best Hookers In The World”

April 20, 2018

They are worth your time.

Former FBI Director James Comey documented a conversation with Donald Trump last year in which Trump recalled Vladimir Putin telling him that Russia has ‘some of the most beautiful hookers in the world.

We know–and I predict–that there is a massive bombshell to drop at some point about Trump and his whores.  The reason I say that is due to the repeated times Trump talks about the matter with Comey–and brings the topic up himself.  There is something that happened which Trump does not want people to know.  Could it be about torture?

What strikes me is that no where does Trump talk about the need for the United States to find a way to understand how the Russians interfered with the election or how to prevent that from happening again.  What stands out to me is how Trump is, one again, fixated on himself and not the needs to the country.

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