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Barber For Hubert Humphrey And Walter Mondale Retires

April 25, 2018

A great friend for decades sent me this article as it was his barber which was featured in the story.  As my friend noted the barber was a great guy with plenty of stories to share.

John Vreeman was just out of barber school, barely 20 years old, when Vice President Hubert Humphrey sat down in his swivel chair.

The young barber trembled as he cut the political VIP’s hair at the Sheraton-Ritz hotel barber shop in downtown Minneapolis. As Humphrey got up to leave with an entourage of Secret Service and media, Vreeman figured he’d probably botched it: “I was such a nervous wreck,” he said. “I remember distinctly being a little shaky … I didn’t feel I did the kind of job I should have done.”

But Humphrey came back, and so did a stream of other distinguished men over the following decades: then-U. S. Sen. Walter Mondale, federal judges, FBI agents and others.

After half century of styling many of Minnesota’s elite, Vreeman, 70, is hanging up his scissors for good.

Vreeman rarely missed a day of work, returning to his station as soon as possible even after a fall left his jaw wired shut. Once, after he dropped his shears and accidentally stabbed himself in the stomach, he continued to cut hair until it became clear he had to go to the emergency room. He was back that afternoon.

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