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Drunk Ronny Jackson Proves Trump’s Lack Of Knowledge About Governing

April 25, 2018

This is but another shining example of why experience in governing is important before being elected to the Oval Office.  Donald Trump liked the way Ronny Jackson fawned over his medical examination and looked while talking on television.  ‘Looked like someone from Hollywood’ was the way Trump praised Ronny Jackson.   So with a tweet Trump nominated Jackson for the job of handling the second largest bureaucracy in Washington.

Meanwhile when I was searching for an intern during the years I worked in a legislative office I took resumes, made countless calls to verify a raft of information, did interviews and then–and only then–made a recommendation to the legislator about a possible hire.

Trump was obviously not even aware that a vetting process was advisable and made another glaring national blunder.  Only the under-educated Trump voters will not grasp the steaming pile in the room—again.

So the latest headlines from The Washington Post reads as follows.  I strongly suspect by the end of this week Jackson’s will be removed and he can go back to drinking in private.

White House physician Ronny L. Jackson, President Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, wrecked a government vehicle after getting drunk at a Secret Service going away party, according to an explosive list of allegations released Wednesday by the Democratic staff of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

In the two-page summary of interviews conducted by the minority staff, Jackson also stands accused of a “pattern” of handing out medications with no patient history, prescribing medications to himself, and contributing to a hostile work environment with “a constant fear of reprisal.”

According to the report: “Jackson was described as ‘the most unethical person I have ever worked with,’ ‘flat-out unethical,’ ‘explosive,’ ‘100 percent bad temper,’ ‘toxic,’ ‘abusive,’ ‘volatile,’ ‘incapable of not losing his temper,’ ‘the worst officer I have ever served with,’ ‘despicable,’ ‘dishonest,’ as having ‘screaming tantrums’ and “screaming fits,’ as someone who would ‘lose his mind over small things,’ ‘vindictive,’ ‘belittling,’ ‘the worse leader I’ve ever worked for.’”

It continued: “As Jackson gained power he became ‘intolerable.’ One physician said, ‘I have no faith in government that someone like Jackson could be end up at VA.’ A nurse stated, ‘this [working at WHMU] should have been the highlight of my military career but it was my worst assignment.’ Another stated that working at WHMU was the ‘worst experience of my life.’”

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