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For Those Who Love Political Fights On A State-Wide Stage

April 25, 2018

Having grown up in Wisconsin, and listening to Chicago radio most of my life, the image of real political brawling is the type exhibited by Windy City pols.  But the master of the craft are in New York!

If you want to read an article (and it is a sizable one) that will make you know how tame your politics are–regardless of where you might reside in the nation–well, take the time to read this story.

The idea of Mr. de Blasio and Mr. Cuomo ever collaborating on anything seems almost unfathomable nearly 16 years later. The two Democrats are now engaged in a feud so nasty, petty and prolonged that even in the cutthroat politics of New York, few can remember ever seeing anything quite like it.

The two men have sparred over substance, silliness and everything in between: public housing and private workout routineshomelessness and topless women in Times Square, taxing millionaires and euthanizing a deerLegionnaires’ disease outbreak and state troop deploymentsschoolssnowstorms and the subways — even naps.

“I’m not a napper, really,” Mr. Cuomo volunteered last year after reports of the mayor’s alleged penchant for napping. “I never have been.”

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