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Amazon Prime Still A Deal With 20% Increase ($119)

April 28, 2018

There is not a week that goes by that we do not receive a package from Amazon.  Last week three boxes arrived as it was James’ birthday.  The only trouble was making sure James was not shaking boxes before his 45th birthday

Be it the large 98-pound boxes with all the household cleaning supplies that otherwise would need to bought at a store and loaded and then unloaded from the car, or the latest curiosity I need to explore within the covers of a book there is just no better way to shop than with Amazon.

So I very much agree with Amazon justifying Prime’s 20 percent price hike, to $119 a year, by saying it is more a valuable service than when the fee last rose four years ago.     Too many brick and mortar stores do not stock the variety of colors of jeans as an example, or the variety of outdoor seat cushions.  Since we drive a Mini convertible I can also attest to the need for larger items to arrive from a truck!

The other part of the affection I have for Amazon is the speedy delivery.   In early April I wrote about this very topic.

With that in mind I searched for a book Thursday night on Amazon……I soon had purchased  The China Mirage: The Hidden History Of American Disaster In China by James Bradley…..At noon today–about 36 hours after I made the purchase–the postal delivery places a box on our front stoop.  Within a few minutes–enough time to stir some raw sugar into another cup off coffee–the first page was turned while sitting in our reading nook.

That is exactly why I love Amazon!

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