I Humbly Ask The Same Of My Blog Readers

A prosperity gospel televangelist from Louisiana says Jesus has asked him to buy a new private jet.

Jesse Duplantis, leader of Jesse Duplantis Ministries and the owner of three other private jets, is asking his followers to chip in so his ministry can purchase a new jet which is to cost about $54 million.

In a video Duplantis says the planes get him closer to the Lord — both literally and figuratively — and he had a divine conversation in which Jesus asked for the new aircraft by name.

“It was one of the greatest statements the Lord ever told me, he said, ‘Jesse do you want to come up where I’m at?'” the minister says. “‘I want you to bleed me for a Falcon 7X.'”

For my blog readers I simply ask for the bills to be in larger amounts so I do not need to make so many trips to the bank.  And driving less in my car will save on the carbon footprint—-which I will be creating BIG TIME once I take to the air!

Thanks, and just remember this is what Jesus wants.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Hollywood Moment

For a reason the TV news networks are still trying to figure out, a young child was called on during Wednesday’s White House press briefing. His question was really good and timely as it was questioning what the administration is doing to keep schools safe from gun violence.

What followed however was pure hokum.  White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders choked up.   Really.

Sanders initially fielded the question quickly, saying, “I think that as a kid, and certainly as a parent, there is nothing that could be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe, so I’m sorry that you feel that way.” But by the middle of her response, she was fighting back tears.


For an administration that has done nothing to combat gun violence–and even in fact has allowed guns to be easier for some to attain–it was rich to see Sanders give a Hollywood touch to what the nation knows is a cold-heart and logic-free zone when it comes to curbing the gun industry in America.

All that was missing from Sanders’ comment yesterday was her saying, “Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

And scene.

And Then There Was No “Spygate”–It Was One More Trump Lie

Just one more example of an unhinged and troubled orange man creating a lie and hoping to get some mileage out of it with his under educated base.  Now there is only the egg on his face which needs to be removed.

A little over a week ago, Donald Trump began using the term “Spygate” for the latest conspiracy theory aimed at questioning the legitimacy of the Russia investigation. Senior Republican lawmakers are not backing him up. Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, who gained fame for doggedly pursuing Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi attack, has addressed the issue head-on, saying he believes the FBI acted appropriately when a confidential informant met with three of Trump’s campaign aides.

In less than 24 hours, Trump’s allegations were publicly refuted by House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), one of just nine lawmakers briefed on highly classified details of the FBI’s operation; Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, a Trump favorite; and prominent legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a vocal Trump ally who has advised the president on legal strategy, Politico writes.

Recall A Time When (Politics Aside) We Looked At Who Might Be A Future Leader?

Former State Representative Dick Matty tossed a verbal barb from the podium my way at a Door County Lincoln Day Dinner many years ago as I sat in the crowd listening to the various speakers from around Wisconsin.  I was the guest of a soon-to-be GOP county elected officeholder.  I attended so to listen as politicians used their rhetorical skills to jazz up a crowd.   Granted, at the time I was also the Door County Democratic Chairman but to be nailed with a zinger from the podium has never been forgotten.  I was not the spy as was suspected but rather a politico who liked the game enough to be interested in seeing it from both team’s benches.  I really wish we had more of that spirit in our politics today.

And so tonight I am rather sad–in an odd way–about Missouri Republican Governor Eric Greitens.  I am not in any way condoning his wife-cheating or breaking of the marriage vows.  Or his lack of taking responsibility for his actions.

Rather I am one of those who saw his political talents, intelligence, and drive and said to myself some years ago—‘watch this guy’.

Now I do not have to tell my readers his views on issues, and mine, are as divided as the the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is from the South Rim.  But I had –or so I thought–a sense of the guy as being decent and honorable.  I bought the story that he presented.  And those types of people with those types of stories from both sides of the aisle are needed in this nation.

But as we now know in the end he is nothing more than another brick removed from the foundation of what should be a reserve of future national political leadership.  Regardless of where one stands on the issues, we need to have a deep bench of what makes our nation strong and good, waiting to take the next step upwards in electoral politics.

I get the fact this sounds strange coming from a liberal blogger, with Greitens being a Republican.  But does this story about his life and his political ending not beg the question about what exactly has our country become?

In the end, perhaps I am still that young man at heart who sat in a large convention room in Sturgeon Bay and listened to see which speaker could move an audience.  Who could make voters feel conviction.  Who could ask for support and know it could be counted on when it mattered.

Who had something that–politics aside–made one a potential leader.

That is what matters.  And what we need most in this land.

What! Donald Trump Said Something Moronic About American History?

Good God!  Please make this most ignorant man shut the hell up!

Donald Trump, in Nashville, said African Americans have blindly voted for Democrats “for over a hundred years.”  If only black folks had the right to vote for that long …

Is there not one single history book with enough pictures in it to allow for Trump to get even a vague outline of history?  Historians weep.

Robert Caro is cringing tonight for sure as he wrote a tome about this matter as it related to Lyndon Baines Johnson and the first major voting rights act to pass congress in the 1950’s.  1,040 pages to be precise.  Finished it this year and wrote a short review.

It should be noted that Trump–ever the absolute idiot–missed another major point in his off-the-crazy-wall comment.   He’s missing in his broad stoke that until the civil rights movement, black voters were likely to vote Republican up until 1900.

Tonight–once again–we can justifiably laugh in Trump’s face.

Circle Of Friends Needed To Fight Racism

Valerie Jarrett, who was an adviser to former President Barack Obama, and made the part of a most racist and ugly tweet by Roseanne Barr, has spoken out about her feelings.  ABC sacked the white trash Barr which sent the three-thumb conservative crowd flailing about–not knowing if they should publicly support racism by backing Barr or stay quiet and keep their white sheets dry for another day.

What Barr did today was simply one of the lowest examples yet of where this nation now finds itself.   Barr posted a racist tweet denigrating Jarrett.   But Jarret, true to form, has used her mature self and poise to win the news cycle.

“First of all, I think we have to turn it into a teaching moment,” Jarrett said on an MSNBC town hall about everyday racism. “I’m fine. I’m worried about all the people out there who don’t have a circle of friends and followers coming to their defense.”

Like the Muslims who have been caught in the nasty trailer trash tirades of Barr for a very long time.  No one came to their aid, and ABC even allowed the low-brow ‘humor’ of Barr to get a show this past season in spite of her racism.

Barr’s television career is over but sadly the deplorable actions she took resides in too many of Trump’s followers.    The lesson we learned today, however, is that we can rally together and combat the racism and hate.

And win.

Roseanne Barr Went On Racist Rant About Former Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Born To An Ape

UPDATE!!!!! BULLETIN: ABC says “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”


(This is what was previously posted.)

White Trash Roseanne Barr tweeted (in response to a tweet which accused Jarrett of hiding misdeeds from the Obama administration), “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” characterizing Jarrett — an African-American woman born in Iran — as a child of the Muslim Brotherhood and an ape.


This is outrageous.

There is no apology she can make that justifies ABC turning a blind eye to this bigotry by airing another second season of her show. Even in the Age of Trump, there are red lines that can never be crossed. This is one.

There is no more for this trailer trash to do than grab her crotch–or let her friendly Oval Office fan do it for her–screech the national anthem, and just go the hell far, far away.

Does GOP Congressman Glenn Grothman Still Claim To Be For Small Government?

One of the most quirky Wisconsin politicians is about to seek a third term in congress—but his actions while in office raise a question about his philosophical foundations.

Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman has spent nearly as much on government mail and printing expenses as he has on his re-election campaign since the start of 2017.   To put it another way he leads all members of the House congressional delegation from Wisconsin on such expenses.

Grothman spent $268,939 on mail-related expenses from Jan. 1, 2017, to March 30, 2018, compared to the average for Wisconsin House members of $87,442.  In the same period, Grothman’s campaign organization spent $283,590, according to the Federal Election Commission.

How does that square, however, with his love of smaller government, and cutting budgets and castigating any social service program that aims to help all those ‘other people’ that do not fit in around a corporate conference table?

I find Grothman not be honest when trying to explain these costs.  The mail and printing costs is needed, he claims, as his constituents are wanting more mailbox envelopes as opposed to email.  He claims—with what passes for his sincerity—this is done because voters in his district like it that way.   I simply do not find that a credible defense.

Franking expenses are often campaign fodder and that is sure to be the case as Grothman’s Democratic opponent, Dan Kohl, is going to press the issue.  There is no way to miss the 800-pound elephant in the room overt his matter–and that is Grothman’s spending on mail is a way to supplement his campaign fund.

Grothman is one of those members of congress who think the laws only apply for those who work and pay the taxes back in the district.  He thinks political rhetoric on the campaign trail, such as spouting smaller government and less spending, is only useful for getting Republican voters to cast a ballot.

As long as Republican voters are happy to be played like a fiddle and used by the Glen Grothmans of the world–well–then his kind will keep on playing the system and hoping no one notices.

Now move along workers of Wisconsin and earn more money to pay more taxes—Glenn Grotham wants to write a snail-mail letter to his constituents!