Evangelical Hypocrisy On Parade As Gary Bauer and Ralph Reed Hug Donald Trump

Today at the White House something happened which was most troubling.  And most telling.

Donald Trump signed an Executive Order regarding faith-based and community organizations.  But that was not the news.  No, rather the news was about those assembled around Trump.  Evangelists such as Gary Bauer and Ralph Reed, who was seen on live television hugging Trump.

So why should the rest of the nation care?  Simply put in one word—hypocrisy!

Recall the words of Pat Robertson calling Bill Clinton a “debauched, debased, and defamed” politician who turned the Oval Office into a “playpen for the sexual freedom of the poster child of the 1960s.”   But in 2016 Robertson said of Trump “You inspire us all.”

It was most amusing to see Reed hug Trump, the self-admitted grabber of women between the legs and condom-free sex partner to a porn star, after so loudly proclaiming during the Clinton years that “character matters”.  We also know that Reed even offered to run Trump’s campaign in 2012.

Up on stage today was the perpetually oily skinned Gary Bauer who resembles a pervert yet to be caught clasping hands with Trump and warmly embracing him after stating Clinton had to be moved from office based on a “virtue deficit”.

Not sure if the evangelicals on parade and so proud of themselves today ever read history.  If they did it would show something–well—biblical.

Bill Clinton publicly apologized for his failings. In September of 1998, a contrite man asked that the country, his family, and God to forgive him, saying, “I have sinned.”   As we all know Trump has stated he never has asked God for forgiveness.  Evangelicals were unwilling to extend mercy to a Democrat who asked for it but have offered it freely to a Republican who doesn’t want it.

This is why I throw up a little in my mouth when I see these loathsome people on television.  They do not–in any way–represent the Christ I know.

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