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Taxing Sugary Beverages Good For Society And The Bottom Line

May 10, 2018

This is great news to read about as there is more than enough evidence to support taxes and regulations to limit the harmful effects of sugary beverages.  

Seattle again leads the way!

For the first three months of its tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, Seattle has collected more than $4 million.

As of last Friday, the city’s Finance and Administrative Services department had received $4,082,015 in first-quarter tax payments, spokeswoman Julie Moore said.

The department expects that number to rise because some checks were still in the mail, Moore said. Also, some businesses file their taxes annually, rather than quarterly.

The City Council adopted the tax last June, exempting diet sodas and drinks with milk as their primary ingredient, such as sugary, flavored lattes.

Proponents said the tax would boost prices and thereby discourage people from buying sugary drinks, which have been linked to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and tooth decay.

Many store owners and consumers opposed the measure, as did unionized beverage-industry workers and critics who said it would hit poor people hardest.

Seattle’s tax is being paid by distributors who serve supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants. The city hasn’t analyzed the first-quarter tax returns to determine which sectors may be most affected, Moore said.

The distributors can choose to pass the tax on to the drink sellers, who can pass it on to customers.

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